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buildingSMART Positioning Paper: Enabling an Ecosystem of Digital  Twins

Rapid technological advancements are changing almost all aspects of our lives. Mobile and cloud-based technologies, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), sensors, robotics and other technological developments are leading to new business models, new ways of thinking and a multitude of opportunities. Under the broad umbrella of Industry 4.0, the process of digital transformation is reshaping entire industries. New terms and definitions, such as Digital Twins or the Plan-Build-Operate-Integrate(PBO-I) concept arise as a result. This transformation is helping to boost productivity with some industries setting an example. For example, manufacturing has applied digital twins to production lines to analyze and optimize production. This has resulted in productivity improvements and enabled better reliability. Water utilities interact with digital replicas to simulate flow and scenario planning ensuring better network reliability. The automotive industry uses digital technology to simulate material performance, temperature and other properties to develop and enhance products. The whole concept of digital transformation is also being verbalized and embraced in the built asset industry, although tangible examples of its implementation are still rare.
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