Scotland Global BIM Study – Schottische Studie zur internationalen BIM-Entwicklung

Executive Summary

This report examines the BIM policy of key countries around the world. It examines a trio of policy, governance and economic factors in these countries to define the effectiveness of BIM implementation. We then examine BIM level 2 and the current direction of travel that digital policy is taking in the wider international economy. BIM has been the first wave in a rising tide of digital innovation policies affecting the built environment sector around the world. Principally forming the functional backbone upon which wider goals for cost reduction, greater transparency and sustainability sit, this movement has expanded from design focussed standards to encompass a number of digital innovations that improve or revolutionise the digital management of the entire lifecycle of every type of built asset.
With the UK economy mobilised to an unprecedented degree to meet the new challenge there exists a significant opportunity to capitalise upon this momentum. To this end, we have examined key international players in the global BIM market to understand the governance, economic and policy factors which have created an international market to lead the world in defining new ways of building the future. This report recommends the creation of parallel BIM and digital innovation policy streams in Scotland with associated, but separate vehicles for the development of policy in these distinct areas. The emphasis for each being upon generating efficiency and enhancing the economy of Scotland.
BIM policy will focus upon implementing BIM level 2 and Digital Innovation policy will create a policy that enables Scotland to respond to emerging technologies effectively.

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