Supporting COBie implementation Virtual Panel Discussion

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, also known as COBie, is the widely adopted US specification for the exchange of data to support facility management by owners and operators, invented by Dr Bill East.

Fast-forward and today COBie is used throughout the world to bring together key project information into one format that can easily and quickly be shared across the whole project team at defined stages of the project.

This talk will guide you through the process of COBie implementation, delivered by a panel of COBie specialists – not just those who have worked within the COBie environment, but specialists who are in a small, elite group of COBie Certified Professionals.

The panel will focus on the five delivery steps of: People, Partners, Stakeholders, Process and Technology – looking at each step in turn and who is responsible for effective implementation.

The panel will breakdown what this means for all across the supply chain and how this brings the efficiencies Bill was so desperately seeking early in his career.

Join our panel on Thursday, October 21 from 11.30am EST and 4.30pm BST for an unmissable discussion on the merits of COBie and understand how data is managed in this way.

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buildingSMART International COBie Certification Subcommittee

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21. Oktober 2021

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21. Oktober 2021

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