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buildingSMART Positioning Paper: Enabling an Ecosystem of Digital Twins

London, U.K. – May 27, 2020  buildingSMART International has made available a positioning paper on the subject of digital twins. This paper titled “Enabling an Ecosystem of Digital Twins” was worked on by the Digital Twins Working Group. The aim of the paper was to find ways of unlocking more value through the use of digital technologies applied to the work done by buildingSMART. This working group has developed this co-authored paper to deliver a vision and mission for the subject ofdigital twins.

Building on its centre of excellence in the core Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) technology, buildingSMART continues to establish relationships with key organizations and other industry bodies to align schemas and integrate technologies. These bi-directional relationships position buildingSMART as the place to develop, manage and advance Digital Twins. This way, bSI’s Digital Twin(s) mission pursues the goal to cultivate an environment for mutual development of best practice standards and alignment. bSI focuses on technical aspects (data exchange standards, protocol specifications) as well as definitions of terminology, business processes and identification of typical use cases. Bringing together its established communities with other leading bodies and organizations, bSI has the convening power to deliver Digital Twins alignment.

Download: Enabling an Ecosystem of Digital Twins

About buildingSMART International

buildingSMART International is a vendor-neutral and not for profit body that leads the development of open digital information flows across the built asset industry. Its mission is to proactively support industry participants who want to develop open standards for planning, design, procurement, assembly and operation of buildings and infrastructure worldwide. It provides the international network plus the necessary technical and process support. Its members, who range from across the built environment spectrum, collaborate under the buildingSMART organization. buildingSMART is engaged with other international standards bodies such as ISO, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Its core Industry Foundation Class (IFC) standards achieved ISO approval in 2012.

Press Contact:
buildingSMART International
Aidan Mercer, +44 7181-304-3435

Quelle: https://www.buildingsmart.org

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