“IFC Rail” – The International Standard Progress Report

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“IFC Rail” – The International Standard Progress Report

In 2018, buildingSMART International supported the proposal and initiation of the single largest project in its history. The “IFC Rail” project was initiated at the buildingSMART International Standards Summit in Paris, April 2018 with a signed agreement across all contributing parties. This also gave formation to the „Railway Room“ which was established as the environment for developing the project. This room has successfully coordinated this complex project and developed a more collaborative process for all team members. The team has delivered significant achievements during a short timeframe, promoting innovation and agility throughout. In March 2019, the team successfully presented the progress at the bSI Standards Summit in Düsseldorf. At the summit, the team presented the first showing for the conceptual model of the track. bSI Chairman Patrick MacLeamy commented, „This is the most spectacular project we currently have in buildingSMART.“
Quelle und weiterlesen: https://www.buildingsmart.org

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