Roland Berger Study – Disruptive impact of Building Information Modelling

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BIM – Management Summery

Although construction has been slow in adopting digital technologies compared with other industries, Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology may represent the turning point on the path to
Across the industry, BIM is now recognized as the go-to platform and process that facilitates
collaboration, raises efficiency and cuts costs, and enables users to benefit from a wide range of integrated digital technologies, such as computer-aided design (CAD), project management or machine
execution systems (MES).
When BIM really takes off as a platform, it could do to the construction industry what the Amazon platform has done to retail. BIM’s disruptive force is in the power shift it brings among the parties that design, engineer, build and operate a building. All stakeholders can use BIM to collaborate better, but the top companies will be those that use BIM to improve current business models and create new ones.
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