Ville Kyytsönen, neuer CEO bei Solibri

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Future. Checked. Solibri introduces Ville Kyytsönen as its new CEO

Corporate News

Today Solibri has the pleasure to announce the appointment of a new CEO – Ville Kyytsönen.

Ville has successfully led and developed multiple software companies in their business goals, with many years’ experience in delivering solutions for the construction industry. As Head of BIM at Uponor, he helped BIM and digital technologies become a key component of the company strategy. Ville was also instrumental in the creation of the industry renowned Tekla BIMsight, a solution that shares similar vision what Solibri does: to identify and solve issues still in the design phase of construction projects.

“I am extremely excited about this new opportunity. I have watched Solibri grow to be an integral part of the digital workflow. The BIM market has an annual growth of 20% per year. The construction industry continues to digitize. Solibri’s unique technology and solutions is an excellent foundation to meet our objective: to scale the business globally, and to further increase our position as the market leader of Quality Assurance in building design.” Said Ville.
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