Zusammenfassung – Virtual Summit Webinars – buildingSMART International

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Virtual Summit Webinars – buildingSMART International

buildingSMART International hosted a Virtual Webinar Series through the month of May. The series includes corporate updates from bSI management office, Room presentations and special one-off presentations. Each session was recorded and there are a total of 33 videos available on-demand.
No registration is required and access to the links is open to all.

Title of WebinarRoomWatch on-demand
Connecting Stakeholders to Value, Richard PetrieGeneralWatch
Marketing Update, Aidan Mercer
Solutions and Standards Program Update, Richard KellyGeneralWatch
buildingSMART Technical Roadmap, Léon van BerloGeneralWatch
Professional Certification Update, Mark BaldwinGeneralWatch
COBie Certified Professional, Bill EastGeneralWatch
Infra Room: Session 1: Infrastructure Extensions Deployment Update (Expert Panel)
Regulatory Room: Session 1: Introduction/OverviewRegulatory Watch
Building Room: Session 1: RoadMap/BIM For Novices/Projects UpdateBuilding Watch
Airport Room: Session 1: Missing EntitiesAirportWatch
Airport Room: Session 2: BIM-GISAirportWatch
Building Room: Session 2: IDM Guidelines/VDI Guidelines/Use CasesBuilding Watch
Building Room: Session 3: Georeferencing/MVD QTO/MVD Energy Building Watch
Airport Room: Session 3: Digital TwinsAirportWatch
Building Room: Session 4: BIM Food Services/BIM Hospital Construction/Fire SafetyBuilding Watch
Product Room: Session 1: Standards for the Digital Supply Chain in Built Environment (DSCiBE)ProductWatch
Airport Room: Session 4: Data SecurityAirportWatch
Railway Room: Session 1: IFC Rail ProjectRailwayWatch
Product Room: Session 2: bSDD & Classification SystemsProductWatch
Railway Room: Session 2: IFC Rail Project Phase 2RailwayWatch
Infra Room: Session 2: IFC Road Update (Expert Panel)InfrastructureWatch
Building Room: Session 5: FM Presentation/Fire SafetyBuilding Watch
Regulatory Room: Session 2: Use Case and Regulatory Information ManagementRegulatory Watch
Building Room: Session 6: Structural Engineering Building Watch
Infra Room: Session 3: IFC Tunnel Requirements Analysis Update (Expert Panel)InfrastructureWatch
Construction Room 1: How to make a BIM Repository for Decades
Infra Room: Session 4: IFC Ports & Waterways Update (Expert Panel)InfrastructureWatch
Technical Room 1: openCDE APIs
Product Room Session 3: Data Templates for Construction Objects
Technical Room: Session 2: IFC JSON and IFC HDF5 (IFC Binary)TechnicalWatch
Technical Room: Session 3: IDM Toolkit & Use Case Management ToolTechnicalWatch
Technical Room: Session 4: Improving BCF WorkflowsTechnicalWatch
Technical Room: Session 5: IFC Translation FrameworkTechnicalWatch

Quelle und weiterlesen:info.buildingsmart.org


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