Einführung der BIM-Methode im Ingenieurbüro – Unterstützung der Abläufe durch eine durchgängige Nutzung einer Bauteilbibliothek

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BIM-Masterarbeit, Michael Schneider, TU München, 2015

The method of building information modeling (BIM) stands for the change of the planning culture, which appears with the development of new organizational structures, work processes and new technologies for the digital planning of structures. This affects as well the planning companies, who need a company-specific implementation plan for the adoption. The long-term optimization performances are one part of this plan. This master’s thesis shows the structure of an in-house object library, which is related to the long-term optimization performances. This will occur for the elements of the BIM-Tool Autodesk Revit, the so-called families, and in cooperation with the engineering company SSF Ingenieure AG. At first, a general classification of an object library in the BIM-environment is given. After that, the program specific basics are developed and the different behavior of the families is shown. Afterwards, the structured organization of the library is described. This is based on the influences of the gained experience in the previous management and the actual execution of some planning projects. Naming conventions are used for a better identification and are providing a consistency of the objects. Furthermore, the insertion of non-geometrical information is used for the integration of metadata and the assignment to classification systems. Finally, the management tool Autodesk Vault will be analyzed concerning the management of the object library. Mehr…
(Quelle: www.cms.bgu.tum.de)