Global BIM Study

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Global BIM Study
Lessons for Ireland’s BIM Programme

Executive Summary
The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) has been promoting the benefi ts of digitisation
in the construction and engineering industry in Ireland since its formation back
in 2002. Whilst the Alliance has always strived to ensure that its members are
exposed to a wide spectrum of contemporary digital tools and processes, the
concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has dominated the focus of its
activities over the past fi ve years.
CitA would like to acknowledge the importance of the support provided by
Enterprise Ireland for BIM Initiatives in recent years. These initiatives include
supporting companies though the use of Innovation Vouchers, leveraging funding
from the BIM-Enable and BIM-Implement programmes and the most recent
initiatives of the BIM Innovation Capability Programme and the launch of Ireland’s
National BIM Council. This has fostered momentum in respect to the interest
among architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) businesses to embrace
innovation technologies and processes such as those offered …
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