Untersuchung der IFC-gestützten Modellübertragung zur Ableitung von Modellierempfehlungen für Architekten

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Untersuchung der IFC-gestützten Modellübertragung zur Ableitung von Modellierempfehlungen für Architekten
Kalle Köbler
1. Betreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Borrmann
2. Betreuer: Alexander Braun, M.Sc.
Masterthesis, TU München, 2017
In the next few years the BIM method of operation will get more and
more important in the world, as well as in Germany. The IFC-format is an unified, neutral data format, that is used for model-based data exchange between programs of different software companies. It is very difficult to fully implement IFC-format into a software. Therefore many models can’t be converted automatically without any mistakes. This master thesis will investigate how to build a model in Autodesk Revit Architecture, in order to achieve the best possible quality in IDA ICE and Plancal nova. Therefore a model catalog with six model groups is developed. Each group is investigating a different subject and is comparing different modeling variations. The exported IFC-models of Revit are checked for mistakes in the Solibri Model Viewer. If the IFC-models are exported correctly, they will be imported into IDA ICE and Plancal nova and finally converted into a thermal model. The quality of the reproduction of each model is analyzed and evaluated in each step. It is checked, if the geometry is rebuilt properly and if properties are transferred correctly. Based on the evaluation, the best modeling variations are specified for each subject of the model catalog. Also a trend of the expected transmission quality in IDA ICE and Plancal nova is given. It turns out, that for some subjects IDA ICE and Plancal nova need different modelling variations to show good results. In other subjects the same modelling variation can be used for both programs. For the common IFC-exchange these variations are also recommended with reservation. One example could be that multi-layered structures should always be modeled in one component, that combines all the needed material layers. Finally, all the findings of the master thesis are summarized in a detailed modeling recommendation list for architects. Also expected errors are listed and suggestions how to fix the incorrectly imported models in IDA ICE and Plancal nova are given.
Quelle und weiterlesen: www.cms.bgu.tum.de